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How to choose the best leggings

How to choose the best leggings

Deciding on what to wear during your gym sessions, running, or playing sports is quite a task. All the said activities need clothing that is durable and comfortable. When it comes to choosing leggings for you, you should keep a few things in mind so that you select the best out of all.

It is a known fact that the more comfortable you are, the better performance you will deliver. To select the best and most comfortable leggings first you need to know what length of leggings you will need. There are 3 types of length in leggings:

  • Full Length
  • Capri Length
  • 7/8 Length
  • Full-length leggings are up to the bottom and are suitable for activities like running. It is comfortable to wear on colder days.
  • Capri length is up to the mid-calf of your leg. It is good for breathability and comfort. These types of leggings are stylish and trendy.
  • 7/8 length is very common and is widely used by women around the world. It is extended below the calf and just above the ankle.

Full-Length Leggings

After finalizing the length of your legging, the next important thing to consider is the waist rise. There are two types of rises available, which are:


  • Mid-rise
  • High-rise
  • Mid-rise waistline contours your waist just below the belly button and is suitable for gym, sports, etc.
  • The High-rise waistline hits above the belly button and is suitable for activities such as yoga, running, stretching, etc.

Now, after you have finalized the length and waist rise of your leggings, it is time to choose the fabric. There are various types of fabrics available and you can choose them according to your needs and requirements.

Stretch Fabric

There are two types of stretch fabric available:

  • Two-way stretch fabric
  • Four-way stretch fabric

The basic difference between both these fabrics is that two-way stretch fabric can stretch in one direction only whereas the four-way stretch fabric can be stretched both crosswise and in length

The two-way stretch fabric is suitable for home purposes and non-athletic activities as it is a little restrictive. The four-way stretch fabric is suitable for gym, yoga, sports, and similar activities as it offers the freedom to move and stretch comfortably.

Cotton Fabric

Cotton is a common fabric and is known for its lightweight and breathable nature. It is comfortable for all-day use and can be worn conveniently at home or while working out.

Nylon and Polyester

Nylon and polyester are synthetic fabrics. These fabrics are breathable and wick sweat off your body easily. They are durable and last longer than any other fabric.

You can keep in mind other features before purchasing your pair of leggings such as pockets, closure type, print, waistband, etc.

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